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Here at Dr. Shaw's office, we recently received a new book called Smile Spotters, A Tooth Fairy Tradition. It told us about the magical friends who help The Tooth Fairy.

Hmmm, thought Danielle from her office chair. This gives me an idea.

Smile Spotters stop by our office to visit Sabrina the Tooth Fairy every day. Everyone knows about the tooth brushing and teeth flossing that happens at a dental office, but there is also a lot of work to do at the front desk. Could these big jobs be handled by small fairies?

The next time Danielle saw a team of Smile Spotters, she asked them to give her a hand.

"Sure," said the Smile Spotter brother, Jacob. He answered the phone to greet a patient. They were surprised to hear a Smile Spotter!

"We love to help," agreed the Smile Spotter sister, Sofia. She sat down at the desk with a big grin, happy to get to work.

A patient came in for their appointment but thought there was no one here. They couldn't see Sofia behind the desk!

The Smile Spotters also helped Danielle file charts. It can be a hard job when you're a tiny fairy, but teamwork made it easy.

The Smile Spotters were really enjoying working in our dental office. Just like other office helpers, they even disagreed over how to set the thermostat! Sofia turned the temperature up.

Immediately, Jacob turned the temperature down.

The Smile Spotters thought it was great fun to use the paper shredder. It gave Danielle a scare! "You're too little for that," she worried. "I have the perfect job for you though."

Dr. Shaw receives many thank you cards from happy patients and Danielle wanted them displayed on the wall for everyone to enjoy. She couldn't reach high enough to hang them herself.

Luckily, with their magical fairy wings, Sofia and Jacob were able to fly all the way to the ceiling. When the patients come in next time, they will see their beautiful cards hanging on the wall!

This was a lot of work for such small fairies and it was time for a break. The Smile Spotters had heard that when you work in an office, you spend your break at the water cooler. "But we don't have a water cooler," said Dr. Shaw.

Dr. Shaw was wrong. The Smile Spotters found the perfect fairy-size water coolers!

After their break, Sofia saw a red basket on the desk and climbed inside.

Handing out small toothpaste is the perfect job for a small fairy! The Smile Spotters enjoyed talking to the patients and reminding them to brush twice a day, every day.

Danielle thanked the fairies for their help. They had done an excellent job! As a reward for all their hard work, Dr. Shaw told Sofia and Jacob they could play in the waiting room if they wanted to.

Of course they wanted to!

Children love the bead table, but it's especially fun for fairies. For them, it's like a jungle gym!

The Smile Spotters also enjoyed the iPads. Angry Birds is Jacob's favorite game. With the help of a little fairy magic, he got the top score!

Thank you for your help, Sofia and Jacob, from all of us here at Dr. Shaw's office. We're looking forward to working with you again in the future. Maybe next time, you can work in the back. Patients would love to have their teeth cleaned by a Smile Spotter!

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Have you read Smile Spotters, A Tooth Fairy Tradition, by Wren Smith Anderson? It's a great book about a team of helpers for the Tooth Fairy. The Smile Spotters love when children take good care of their teeth by brushing, especially after having the occasional sugary treat.

Well guess what? We have magical Smile Spotter fairies right here at Dr. Shaw's office! They're good at hiding, but if you watch closely, you might just spot one while you're here. With so many smiling faces coming to see us lately, Sabrina, our very own Tooth Fairy, is happy to have the extra help!

When the Smile Spotters aren't watching over children, they help us file charts, order new toothbrushes, and find fun new games for the office. They're great to have around! Stay tuned to our blog and our office Facebook page, where we'll be sharing some of their silly adventures.

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Over the years, Dr. Shaw has had the pleasure of caring for thousands of children. Word of mouth is our #1 source of referrals, which is a great compliment! But don't just take our word for it - visit our Facebook page and click "Visitor Posts" in the left-hand column. There, you will find office photos and reviews from many of our happy patients and their families.

Dr. Shaw Won Another Award!

Top 10 dentistry clinics in Albuquerque
Rachelle Shaw, DDS has been recognized as one of the top Albuquerque Dentistry practices.
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12-31-2015 Thank You Card

Happy (almost) new year, everyone! We've been working diligently to make our office better than ever in 2016 and came across a thank you card from one of our patients. What a nice way to end the year!

12-14-2015 Girl Brushing Teeth

We received a call on Monday from one of our young patients. She had a very good question.

"If I already brushed my teeth last night, why do I need to brush again in the morning?"

It seems reasonable. We're not eating anything between the two brushings, so why do both? Unfortunately for those who are toothbrush-reluctant, there are a few reasons it's smart to brush again in the morning.

1. You probably didn’t get it all the first time. (Even if you brushed really, really well!) This is true of younger patients, but it certainly applies to parents too.

2. Bacteria develop overnight. While sleeping, you produce less saliva, which creates the perfect environment for oral bacteria to thrive. You know how everyone wakes up with smelly morning breath? This is why!

3. It’s worth mentioning again – SMELLY MORNING BREATH! Don’t go around all day with a yucky mouth.

4. Ideally, take care of your morning brushing after breakfast. You’re probably not going to brush again until after dinner, and you don’t want your waffles (and sticky, sugary syrup) sitting on your teeth all day.

10-21-2015 - Facebook Visitor Posts

His first dentist appt. and he loved the office w all the toys n tablets. Such a friendly staff... Thank you ladies

Posted by Krystle Vialpando on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

8 More Little-Known Reasons Kids Love Dr. Shaw (and Her Staff!)

1. We’re suckers for a bad dental joke. What has teeth but no mouth? Give up? A saw!

2. Dr. Shaw and her assistants will say an enthusiastic “Hello!” when you run into them at the grocery store or soccer practice. They’ll also try not to talk your ear off…but no promises.

3. Running a little late for your appointment? We’ll see you when you get here. Drive safe!

4. Those fancy flower pens everyone always compliments? Two words: Dollar Tree.

Kids under Rainbow

5. Dr. Shaw insists you’re allowed to bite her if she hurts you. No one ever does.

6. Our staff is the best in New Mexico and they all LOVE their job. Inspired by their time here, several of Dr. Shaw’s assistants have gone on to become dentists.

7. Dr. Shaw is always dreaming up new ways to improve her office. While traveling recently, she was so excited to find 3D planets that she called her office staff to share her great news.

8. They were equally excited. Seriously, the planets are AMAZING!

9-21-2015 - Facebook Visitor Posts

Guess who, Dr. Shaw?!? Thank you for taking good care of us! Levi & Ian

Posted by Lorri Schwab Danforth on Friday, September 18, 2015

9-10-2015 - Facebook Visitor Posts

She loves going to the dentist!

Posted by Daniela Byers on Thursday, September 10, 2015

6-9-2015 - 10 Little-Known Reasons Kids Love Dr. Shaw (and Her Staff!)

1. Dr. Shaw has watched Frozen. Ask her nicely and she might break into song.

2. It’s actually fun to lose a tooth at our office (really!) because Dr. Shaw never “pulls” or “extracts” teeth. She uses magic.

3. The bane of Dr. Shaw’s existence? Homework. Oh, how she loathes homework.

4. Dr. Shaw is much cooler than she lets on. She knows Maroon 5. She also knows Paul Simon, but none of the kids ever knows who that is!

5. No judgment here – we’re chocolate lovers too! Just please, please use your Gel-Kam fluoride afterward.

Smiling Woman

6. We never throw away a present from a patient. After more than 30 years in practice, Dr. Shaw has collected quite the stack of crayon drawings and handmade greeting cards!

7. Dr. Shaw has an enormous freezer stocked with organic, all-natural, artificial color-free, no preservative, high vitamin C bars made with real strawberries, cherries, and tangerines (also known as popsicles).

8. We didn’t let her buy the ones with Kale, Spinach, and Broccoli.

9. We help the Tooth Fairy dream up new ways to delight and amaze. Anyone can leave a dollar bill under a pillow. Rumor has it our Tooth Fairy leaves fairy dust as well.

10. You never know what you’ll discover on a trip to Dr. Shaw’s office. There’s even a flying Basset Hound!

4-1-2015 Mickey Mouse

When you hear the phrase "The Merriest Place on Earth", what do you think of? The dental office, of course! That's exactly why Disney World has announced their exciting new ride - Dr. Mickey's Dental Adventure. Coming this fall, Disney guests will be able to experience all of the most fun aspects of visiting the dentist, from having your teeth brushed and flossed to picking out a toy. The grand finale, according to a Disney spokesperson, is a simulation so realistic "you'll think you really are having a root canal". We can't wait!


10-20-2014 - A Healthy Start Giraffe for Blog

It’s often thought that taking a baby to the dentist is “a waste of money”, but that actually could not be further from the truth. Did you know that the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Dental Association all recommend children have their first dental visit by age one? A recent study in the Journal of Pediatrics reinforced the value of this advice, showing that children who saw a dentist by their first birthday incurred 40% lower dental costs by their fifth birthday than children who were not seen until later. Early care, when the focus can be on prevention instead of treatment, makes all the difference.

6-13-2014 - Parent Testimonials:

Our goal is always to provide the very best care and we're thrilled whenever we discover a new review of our office online. Here are a few of our favorites, taken from sites like Google, Angie's List, Facebook, Dex Knows, and yelp:

“My family has a long history with Dr. Rachelle Shaw's office. My brothers and I were her patients when we were growing up and now I bring my 2 children to her. If she ever retires, I'm not sure what we'll do! My children both love her.”

“Dr. Shaw will always get your child in if there is an emergency. It doesn't matter how busy they are.”

“I appreciate that I am welcome in the room with my children because I usually have a question or two for Dr. Shaw and I think it's beneficial to hear how they have been doing with their oral hygiene.”

“I've been using this provider for both daughters for about 5 years after horrendous experience with some other "pediatric dentist". My children love to get their dental cleanings and treatments done there.”

“So many people I know have dental fears based upon their experience as children. This is an office where kids develop trust and feel comfortable about developing good dental hygiene.”

“BEST of the Best!”

“I have 4 boys and one in particular has trouble with shots, and having people work on him. But Dr. Shaw has a special ability to make even the most scary situations for a child easy. I highly recommend this dentist!!”

“Dr. Shaw described the treatment that my daughter needed and seemed very caring of my questions and daughter’s questions.”

“There's just a certain quality that the entire office - the decor, the staff, the doctor, everything - has that lets you know that you are receiving the highest quality dental care for your family.”

“Dr. Shaw has been my children's dentist for years and it is always a pleasant experience for them and for me. She's the best and nicest in Albuquerque.”

“Thanks Dr. Shaw and staff for reassuring a nervous mom that everything will be ok in your hands.”

“Dr. Shaw had to give my daughter a shot so that she would be numb for the filling BUT, she was soooooo gentle (and maybe a little sneaky) that my daughter had no idea she'd gotten a shot. She insisted to me that she hadn't had one (never mind that her mouth was NUMB! Lol!)”

“We tried several dentists with whom we were not satisfied before we found Dr. Shaw. Our first visit to Dr. Shaw's office convinced us that our search had ended. Everything about the visit was positive.”

“She isn't just the kind of dentist who comes in at the end of the appointment, pokes around for a minute, and leaves. Dr. Shaw actually cares! I remember her always asking about my grade in math, knowing I was having trouble, and recommending ways to improve. When I left her office to go to college, she made a big deal about it to all the staff and even the other parents who were in the office, saying how proud she was.”

“I took my daughter in this morning for a filling and to have a baby tooth pulled. Everything went perfectly!”

“Dr. Shaw took care of everything. It was such a huge relief! I can’t stress enough how much I love having the peace of mind that comes with knowing your children have a dentist who cares enough to get them in immediately if needed.”

“Cavities are not fun but when you have a great pediatric dentist like we have found in Dr Shaw and her staff, they are not a problem.”

“We can't say enough good things about Dr. Shaw and her wonderful staff. Our 4 children have been patients of hers for many years, and everytime we visit her office, we leave happy and well taken care of. She is an amazing woman who is a gem to our community and a perfectionist in her profession.”

“I had tried other places and they were HORRIBLE so this place is nice to find.”

“I feel that the quality of staff in this office is better than you find at most other places in New Mexico. Everyone does seem to make an effort to ensure an excellent experience at each visit and they all seem to enjoy their jobs, as I have seen more or less the same staff there over the years.”

“It’s nice to finally find a dental office I feel comfortable with and my children enjoy too.”

“What a great place for the kids! Mine actually look forward to going to Dr. Shaw’s office.”

“Today, my son is more than a little upset with me because I've insisted he switch to my dentist. It's really for the best - he's 20 and his feet dangle over the edge of Dr. Shaw's child-sized dental chairs! She has been his dentist for his entire life and, even though he's grown up now, he would love to continue to see her.”

“Based on our last 2 appointments, I'm sure this next visit will be great. My children are excited to go back!”

“We have been coming to see her since the girls were 3 years old and I can honestly say it was the right decision for our family.”

“Dr. Shaw is always excited to see the kids, remembers them and goes over any recommendations thoroughly. I never have to worry about being ripped off or waiting for a long time to be seen.”

“I really like the quality of dentistry performed. When my youngest daughter had a filling, it was the same color as her tooth. She was a little nervous before the appointment because she’d never had a filling before, but she did great and left with a HUGE smile on her face. Even better, she told me that it didn’t hurt at all!”

“They make Will feel like he's their favorite... then we talked with other kids and folks there, and they get the same special treatment!”

6-3-2014 - Here's a joke from one of our patients:

Giraffe for Blog Q. What time was the emergency dental appointment?

A. At tooth-hurty!

5-8-2014 - Our Patients Say the Funniest Things! Giraffe for Blog

What could be more fun than working with children? Our office is 100% geared toward our young patients, with everything from a game-filled spaceship to miniature dental chairs. On one wall, we have an enormous quilt with colorful animals that the children can touch. The other morning, our assistant Suzanne asked a little boy to point to his favorite. He thought about it, then said it was the giraffe. No, wait, it's the elephant. No...the butterfly...and the tiger...and the alligator...and the lion...

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