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ABQ Pediatric Dentistry provides exceptional pediatric dental care to patients in Rio Rancho and beyond. At the core of our practice is Preventive and Diagnostic Care to ensure that all of our patients have strong teeth and healthy smiles. Our Restorative and Cosmetic Services allow us to restore health and function to damaged teeth, while Interceptive Orthodontics help influence the shape of the jaw as it develops, minimizing the amount of orthodontic treatment needed during adolescence. We also provide Pediatric Sedation Dentistry and Emergency Dental Care for children in Rio Rancho.

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ABQ Pediatric Dentistry

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pediatric dental care?

Pediatric dental care is a specialization that focuses on the oral health of children. Pediatric dentists treat infants, teenagers, and everyone in between!

Why is pediatric dentistry important?

Pediatric dentistry lays the foundation for a lifetime of good oral health. Through regular preventive care visits and oral hygiene instruction, we monitor the health of your child’s teeth and teach them the importance of caring for them.

Should my child see a pediatric dentist?

A pediatric dentist receives 2-3 additional years of schooling that focuses on the unique oral health needs of children. This makes us the best possible choice to care for your child’s teeth and gums. Our entire office is catered to the needs of children, from our bright, engaging decor to our specially-made dental instruments that are just the right size for little teeth. 

How often should a child see a dentist?

Just like adults, children should see the dentist every six months for dental cleanings and exams.