Why Choose ABQ Pediatric Dentistry?

Why Choose ABQ Pediatric Dentistry?

Team Pediatric Dentistry

When choosing a pediatric dentist for your child, you simply cannot settle. You need to feel confident that, with each appointment, you are setting your little one up with a solid foundation for a lifetime of oral health. 

At ABQ Pediatric Dentistry, this is our goal. We provide a welcoming space that allows us to provide a positive experience throughout the entire visit. But, of course, that is not the only reason to choose us as your child’s pediatric dentist. Take a look at more of what we have to offer. 

We are Dedicated to our Patients

Any family dentist or pediatric dentist can perform dental procedures on children. But the team at ABQ Pediatric Dentistry goes beyond just providing great services. We are a team of compassionate and gentle individuals who love what we do - and we treat your child as our own. 

We are highly experienced in working with our young patients and understand how to make dental visits fun and comfortable. We want your child to want to come to the dentist as this ensures they will continue to make oral healthcare a priority as they get older. 

We Provide a Conservative Approach to Dentistry

At ABQ Pediatric Dentistry, we take a conservative approach to your child’s dental care. Rather than being quick to offer various treatments, we come from a place of prevention and education. 

If we can teach you and your child the best way to maintain good oral hygiene, including at-home care and routine dental cleanings and checkups, we can reduce the need for complex dental procedures. 

When a procedure is necessary, we will seek out the least-invasive treatment available to meet your child’s dental needs. 

We Use the Latest Technology and Safest Materials

In order to truly provide your child with the best in pediatric dentistry, we have to keep our office updated with the latest technology and a deep understanding of the most advanced procedures. So, that’s what we do. 

We also take every step imaginable to keep your child safe. For us, that means investing in digital X-rays so that we can provide our patients with a reduced amount of radiation exposure. And, it also means we only use amalgam-free and BPA-free materials in all restorative procedures. 

We Offer Interceptive Orthodontic Services

Undergoing interceptive orthodontic treatment gives kids a chance to reduce - or eliminate - the need for orthodontic treatment later. In other words, it is designed to prevent orthodontic issues from occurring as the child grows. 

At ABQ Pediatric Dentistry, we provide children with this orthodontic treatment right in our office which makes it highly beneficial since the relationship is already established. 

We Provide Special Needs Dentistry

We don’t just provide dental services to our special needs patients - we are trained and experienced in providing these services. In fact, our office is equipped to accommodate children of all abilities. 

We provide a comfortable, safe environment that leads to positive experiences. Because each child is different, we never assume anything. Instead, we work closely with parents and caregivers, and collaboratively with a child’s healthcare team to provide personalized treatment at every turn. 

Visit ABQ Pediatric Dentistry

Scheduling an appointment is the best way to get to know our team at ABQ Pediatric Dentistry and see why we are the #1 choice of so many parents in the greater Albuquerque area. 

Contact us today at 505-888-3520 to schedule an appointment.